MI Maids now offers a babysitting service in Dubai. If you are looking for a trained, English speaking babysitter available at flexible timings, then call us now on 04 343 6900.

Dubai is a busy city, with many demands on our time. A trusted babysitter through a reputable source is a necessity, especially given that many inhabitants of Dubai are expats, without locally based family to help out.

To help our clients and earn their trust, MI Maids has taken the following steps to make sure that we offer the best babysitting in Dubai:

  • We have a babysitting license. Most other companies in Dubai do not offer this and therefore are not held to account.
  • We train most of our staff in First Aid, through a reputed third party source and this training is registered with the Dubai Ambulance Service – feel free to request a babysitter with this qualification should you wish.
  • All our staff is interviewed, accommodated and managed by us. They all also speak good English and we have an operation and supervisory team that they can contact in case of emergency. Please do not take risks with other agencies that don’t take these precautions.
  • We provide a detailed checklist to the babysitter and a questionnaire for the parents to answer. This is crucial so that we can take any necessary precautions and so that we don’t have to disturb you unnecessarily.
  • We offer flexible timings – until 11pm during the week and midnight during the weekend (including a Friday service).
  • You can book the same babysitter every week at the same time. Just call in and request a recurring appointment from us. This is definitely recommended as consistency of care is better for the child and your peace of mind.

We will take down any special instructions over the phone (or via email: info@mimaidsdubai.com), however, we do recommend that for the first appointment the parents are present for the first 30 minutes to make sure that your child is fully settled and so that you get a chance to meet the babysitter for yourself.

Call us now and see why we have the most wanted babysitters in town!